The Lost Art of Customer Service

Although Customer Service is one of the most important aspects of business, it is also one of the more neglected.

Just about every company or organization claims to pride itself in ensuring that its customers are served in the best way possible. Sadly enough, a lot of these claims not only fall a bit short, but some of them are grossly exaggerated.

There used to be a time when customer service actually meant something. It meant putting the customer first - ensuring that the customer was served and provided with the services they deserved in exchange for payment. Companies prided themselves on servicing the customer, because they knew that in the long run it meant good business and subsequently more profit.

Today, often the only thing that separates two companies that otherwise are the same when it comes to types of services, prices, talent, turnaround time, etc. is the customer service. Many customers, when faced with choosing between two seemingly equivalent companies, will go with the one that provides the great customer service, the personal touch, the good attitude, and a good feeling.

It would seem obvious, then, in today’s economy with cutthroat competition in the technology sector, that customer service would be given the utmost importance. Surprisingly enough though, that is not the case for the majority of the companies out there. What is worse is that in a lot of situations when there is a problem with a service or a product, the customer service system is deliberately set up to wear the customer down to the point where the customer simply gives up getting service.

It really is a lost art.

The main problem today is the fact that many people simply do not care. At many companies, the people that are on the front line and deal directly with the customer are among the lowest paid positions in the company. A lot of them figure they do not get paid enough to deal with the aggravation of actually doing their job.

Customer service reps usually rely on a computer or prewritten scripts to tell them what to do. If the computer does not have the answer or the exact question is not written on the scripts they are trained to follow, they are simply not ‘able’ to provide adequate help. They do not know what to do to handle the situation.

At MJ Technologies, we have not forgotten what that customers’ needs come first. Customers are the reason we exist as a company. Without them, we would not exist.

Our company was founded on the principle of putting the customer first. We treat our clients’ successes as our own. We do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to ensure all of our customers’ needs are met. This may cost more in the short term, but in the long run, doing more for each customer is good business practice, and the only way we know.
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