Why Customized Software?

If you find that your existing system or software package is no longer sufficiently meeting your needs, it may be time to re-evaluate your current solution. When doing so, be sure to consider a number of possibilities.

Upgrade Existing Software

One of the easiest ways is to simply upgrade your existing software package to the latest version. Many shrink-wrapped applications can offer most of all of the features that you may need. Why would a software development company suggest you buy pre-packaged software? Because that may be the best alternative for you. Helping you in the long-run is more valuable to us than making the "quick buck."

However, if these pre-packaged applications cannot provide your most important features, then developing customized software may be the best alternative. Software customization can be done internally by existing employees or externally by a consultant.

Employee-Based Solutions

You may already have employees in place who are capable, with the right amount of planning and guidance, of developing the necessary solution. Using in-house employees for development has many advantages.
  • Employees have first-hand knowledge of the problem
  • Employees have knowledge of the process and tools currently being used
  • Using employees will not likely require additional costs, which can make this alternative cost less than hiring a consultant
  • Employees who develop in-house code can provide long-term value for future projects
Of course, there are also disadvantages in using an employee-based solution.

  • Employees may be unaware of the latest processes or tools
  • If employees leave the company, they will take with them many of the benefits gained from the investment in the development
  • Employees already have their 'regular' assignments and duties to perform, and may not be able to complete the projects within a reasonable timeframe
External Solutions

If you decide that hiring outside contractors to provide your development needs is the best alternative, make sure that you find a consultant who will "teach you to fish" rather than insist on keeping knowledge to him or herself. Do not let consultants come in and sell you the world when all you really needed was a slight enhancement to your existing program.
  • Small-scale Customization

  • Often, augmenting your existing application with customized add-ins or enhancements can be a cost-effective solution. Small-scale development has many advantages over Large-scale development.

    • Development can be completed much quicker
    • Total cost of the solution is generally lower
    • The learning curve can be shorter

  • Large-scale Customization

  • Although there are circumstances where Large-scale customization is not the appropriate choice, having a developer design and build an application from the ground up means getting the exact features and functionality that you require. It should be considered when:

    • Off-the-shelf software does not meet most of your needs
    • Supplementing existing software packages with custom features is not adequate
    • Using pre-packages solutions requires extensive training of many employees
    • There is high-turnover on the job
    • The problem is crucial to your business and cannot be solved with any other method
Each customer has a unique situation. At MJ Technologies, we understand that not every solution is appropriate for every business. We recognize that there are many alternatives available when providing development solutions. We can discuss your needs and evaluate the solution that is most suitable to you.
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