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Restore the last saved version of a form or report (Access 97/2000/2002)

Starting with Access 2002, you can finally undo multiple actions when working with a form or report in Design view. Access 2002 lets you undo the last 20 changes, whereas prior versions could only undo the most recent change. Even if you're using an older version of Access, there is a way to undo all changes that have been made to a form or report since the object was last saved. To do so, choose File | Revert from the menu bar. Note that this also restores any associated VBA code to its original state.

While the Revert command may be convenient when you want to undo unwanted changes in one fell swoop, use it judiciously. Once you execute the Revert command, all of your changes are lost -- you can't selectively recover changes. Essentially, the result is the same as closing the object without saving and then reopening it.

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