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Use graphics to easily identify a tab control's pages (Access 97/2000/2002)

Tab controls provide a great way to conserve form real estate. This control lets you design forms that resemble Access's Options dialog box. The control displays multiple pages that are dedicated to specific tasks and you select a page by clicking on the appropriate tab. Unfortunately, you don't have a lot of freedom in terms of tab customization--the font and color properties are dependent upon Windows system settings. However, you can make a tab stand out by adding an icon next to the text that describes the tab, in much the same way Access displays icons on the Database window's tabs or Objects bar.

To do so, select the appropriate tab and display its Properties sheet. Click in the Picture text box and then click the Build button to the right of that text box. The Picture Builder then provides you with a list of icons typically associated with Access. If none of the supplied images are appropriate, click the Browse button. You can then locate and open an appropriate Bitmap (BMP) or Icon (ICO) file located on your hard drive or network. Finally, click OK to close the Picture Builder and display the picture within the tab.

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