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Freeze columns in Access's Datasheet view (97/2000/2002)

Anyone that's used Excel extensively knows how helpful the ability to freeze panes can be when working with large worksheets. This feature lets you keep specific data continuously displayed on the screen as you scroll through the worksheet. Access provides similar functionality for working with datasheets. You can freeze columns in Datasheet view and continue to horizontally scroll through records. To freeze a column, click on the field's name in Datasheet view to select the column. Then, choose Format | Freeze Columns from the menu bar. Access moves the column all the way to the left of the view and freezes it. If you freeze additional columns, they are moved to the right of the last frozen column. To return the view to normal, select Format | Unfreeze All Columns from the menu bar. Here's where you'll find a catch. Although the columns are no longer frozen on the screen, Access doesn't return them to their original positions within the Datasheet view. If you don't want your columns to be kept in the new order, be sure to select No when prompted to save the layout changes upon closing the database object.

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