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Adding a group filter control to a data access page (Access 2002)

Data access pages allow you to view and edit data stored in Access tables via an HTML page. The page can be viewed in Internet Explorer, eliminating the need to use Access as the front end to the data. Although they were fairly limited when originally introduced in Access 2000, data access pages are worth investigating in Access 2002, as they have been significantly improved.

As you work with pages, you may find that you want to limit the information shown on a page. For instance, if your page lists products, you may want to only show one particular category of products at a time.

Data access pages let you limit the items displayed on a page using a group filter control. It's easy to add a group filter control to a page, but the easiest technique to do so is far from obvious.

To add the control, open your page in Design view. Then, using your right mouse button, drag the field containing the data you want to use as the basis for your filter from the field list to the appropriate section of the page. When you release the mouse button, select Group Filter Control from the shortcut menu.

By default, Access adds a combobox control to the page. When you view data with the page, the control contains a list of the items stored in that field. Choose the item you're interested in, and the page displays only those records that meet the filter value.

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