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Shortcuts for navigating within a selected range (Excel 97/2000/2001/2002)

By default, pressing the [Enter] key moves the cell selector to the cell below the active cell. Pressing [Tab] moves one cell to the right. Likewise, pressing [Shift][Enter] or [Shift][Tab] move the cell selector up and to the left, respectively. Although you're probably already aware of this behavior, you may be surprised to know that these shortcut keys are also applicable to selected ranges and there are several other shortcuts that make it easy to move the cell selctor within a particular range.

For example, if you have a cell range selected, the [Enter] and [Tab] keys (as well as [Shift][Enter] and [Shift][Tab]) still move the cell selector, but movement is restricted to the confines of the selected range. When the cell selector is at the edge of the range, pressing a shortcut key moves the cell selector back to the beginning of the range. In addition, you can use the [Ctrl][.] shortcut to move among the four corners of the currently selected range. If noncontiguous ranges are selected, the keystroke combinations [Ctrl[Alt][Right Arrow] and [Ctrl][Alt][Left Arrow] let you move the cell selector to the selected range that's to the left or right of the current range.

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