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Set up custom headers for chart objects (Excel 97/2000/2001/2002)

Excel charts can be stored two ways: as separate chart sheets or as embedded objects in a worksheet. When a chart is stored as an embedded object, you can print it separately from the rest of the worksheet data. To do so, just select the chart object and click the Print toolbar button (or select File | Print from the menu bar). Excel prints the chart on its own page and scales it to use the full printable area of the page. If you're going to print a chart in this manner, you can set up customized headers or footers for it that are different from the ones used by the worksheet. To do so, simply select the chart object and choose File | Page Setup from the menu bar. Then, set up your header as you normally would. Note that you can also access the dialog box by right-clicking ([control]-clicking on a Mac) and choosing Chart Window. Then, right-click (or [control]-click) on the window's title bar to display a shortcut menu that lets you print, set the page setup options, or run a spelling check.

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