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Display multiple items in chart data labels (Excel 2002)

Prior to Excel 2002, the data label associated with a chart data point could show only one data element at a time. For instance, you could display the exact value that the data point represented, or the percentage of the total that it represneted, but not both. If you wanted to show additional information about a data point, you had to manually add a label and enter the appropriate value -- which of course had to manually be changed if the chart's underlying data changed.

Excel 2002 simplifies matters by allowing you to mix and match label elements as needed. In addition, the number of options available to you has increased (some options only apply to certain chart types). Your available choices now are:

- Series Name - Category Name - Value - Percentage - Bubble Size

To configure data labels, select your chart and choose Chart | Chart Options from the menu bar. Then, cick on the Data Labels tab. Select the appropriate check boxes in the Label Contains section and click OK.

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