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Enhance cell drag-and-drop procedures in Excel (97/2000/2001/2002)

Holding down the [Alt] key when you drag a cell to move it or make a copy is useful in two ways. First, it prevents the screen from scrolling out of control while you're dragging a cell along the edge of the worksheet frame. Second, it also allows you to drag a cell to another worksheet. To do this, hold down [Alt] as you drag a cell or range onto the tab of the desired worksheet. Excel will activate that worksheet and allow you to continue dragging the selection where you want to move it. To copy the selection, rather than move it to another worksheet, hold down [Ctrl][Alt] as you drag. Note that these techniques specifically apply to worksheet cells--they don't work when you're dragging charts or other objects. If you're using Office 2001, holding down the [option] key allows you to drag and drop cells between other sheets or files. However, doing so copies the data, as opposed to moving it.

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