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Apply the Symbol font on the fly (Word 97/2000/2001/2002)

The Symbol font contains a collection of Greek alphabet characters and many common symbol characters, such as arrows, trademark symbols, and mathematical operators. If you frequently use the Symbol font to add these types of characters in your documents, you probably know many of the Symbol font's character mappings by heart.

For example, to insert the Greek omega character in your document, just type the letter W, then select it and apply the Symbol font. Similarly, you can insert the square root symbol by activating the Symbol font, and then pressing [Alt]0214 using the numeric keypad (with NumLock turned on). The mainstream technique for inserting Symbol font characters is to choose Insert | Symbol from the menu bar and then use the Symbol dialog box. In fact, you can use the Symbol dialog box to insert extended characters from many other font sets, as well. But if you know certain character mappings by heart and you just want to get the job done quickly, you'll find it much easier to apply the Symbol font on the fly. Instead of using the Font dropdown list on the Formatting toolbar, you can apply the Symbol font easily using its built-in shortcut key. To do so, simply press [Ctrl][Shift]Q ([command][shift]Q in Word 2001).

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