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Base a table of contents on a portion of your document instead of the whole thing (Word 97/2000/2001/2002)

Word makes it easy to create a table of contents (commonly referred to as a TOC) that maps to your document's styles. You'll typically want a TOC to map the content throughout your entire document; however, you may occasionally wish to limit a TOC to reference just a portion of the document body. To accomplish this task, you don't need to waste time manually paring down a full-document TOC. Instead, you can use a bookmark to indicate which portion of your document you want to reference.

1. First, select the portion of your document you want to reference in a TOC, then choose Insert | Bookmark. Enter a one-word name for the bookmarked selection in the Bookmark Name text box, and then click Add.

2. Place the insertion point where you want the table of contents to appear, and then choose Insert | Index And Tables (Insert | Reference | Index And Tables in Word 2002). Click on the Table Of Contents tab, and use the available options to configure your table of contents. When you've finished, click OK.

3. Word adds a new table of contents that references your entire document. To reference just the bookmarked portion instead, select the table of contents, and then press [Shift][F9] to reveal the TOC's field code. It will look something like this: < TOC \o "1-3" \n \h \z \u >. Position the insertion point on the left side of the field code's closing brace (>), and then type "\b BookmarkName" (without quotes) where BookmarkName is the name of the bookmark you created earlier. Your field code should now look something like this: < TOC \o "1-3" \n \h \z \u \b MyTOC >. When you've finished, press [F9] to update the field. If Word asks what you'd like to update, choose the Update Entire Table option, and then click OK. Your table of contents should now reference only the information you bookmarked.

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