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Give paragraphs a muted effect using shading and patterns (Word 97/2000/2001/2002)

There are many ways to make a passage in your document stand out from the rest of your document text. For instance, you can give it a different indent or jazz it up with emphatic font formatting. However, instead of drawing readers' eyes to a particular passage, you'll sometimes need to give a passage a "played-down" or "muted" effect. For instance, many types of forms contain a "For Internal Use Only" area in which clients or customers shouldn't enter data.

One way to play down a paragraph is to apply it a light font color or small font size. Another common technique is to apply shading. However, you can achieve other types of muting effects by combining font formatting, paragraph borders, and shading with an overlapping pattern. To begin, select the paragraph(s) you want to downplay. Apply the desired font formatting, then choose Format | Borders And Shading. Click on the Borders tab and apply a paragraph border if desired. Next, click on the Shading tab and choose the desired shading color. Now, you can apply a different colored pattern over the shading color you just applied. To do so, choose the desired pattern from the Style dropdown list, then choose a color for the pattern from the corresponding Color dropdown list. When you've finished, click OK.

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