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Use paragraph formatting to control page breaks (Word 97/2000/2001/2002)

When you're getting ready to print a document, it's important to make sure Word's automatic page breaks don't separate lines that should stay together. For example, you'll want to make sure a heading sticks to the text that follows it, ors you might want to keep all the lines in a bulleted list together on the same page. Thanks to the features offered on the Line And Page breaks property sheet, there's no need to tweak your text, fiddle with font sizing, or manipulate manual page breaks to control your document's page layout. First, select the paragraph(s) you want to correct. (If you want to control a single paragraph, you don't need to select the whole thing--just place the insertion point anywhere within it.) Next, choose Format | Paragraph from the menu bar, and then click on the Line And Page Breaks tab.

--To prevent the paragraph's first line from printing at the bottom of the page and its last line from printing at the top of a page, select the Widow/Orphan Control check box. (Note: The Widow/Orphan Control check box is enabled by default as a standard attribute of Word's built-in Normal style. Therefore, any paragraphs that use the Normal style, as well as any paragraphs that use a style based on the Normal style, are automatically assigned the Widow/Orphan Control attribute.)

--To prevent Word from breaking pages in the middle of the paragraph, select the Keep Lines Together check box.

--To prevent Word from breaking pages between the current paragraph and the one that follows it, select the Keep With Next check box.

--To force Word to start the paragraph on the next page, select the Page Break Before check box.

When you've finished, click OK. If you've configured Word to display nonprinting characters onscreen, you'll see a small black square to the left of each paragraph that's been assigned one of these attributes. To view the effects of your alterations before printing your document, click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar.

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