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Add a document shortcut to the Windows desktop directly from Word (Word 97/2000/2002)

If there's a particular document you need to access frequently, you can access it quickly by creating a shortcut to it on the Windows desktop. Chances are you already know how to create file and folder shortcuts using Windows Explorer, My Computer, or the Create Shortcut Wizard. But did you know that you can just as easily create a shortcut to a Word document directly from Word? First, click the Open button on the Standard toolbar, or choose File | Open from the menu bar. In the Open dialog box, locate the document you want your desktop shortcut to point to. Right-click on the document, then choose Send To | Desktop (Create Shortcut) from the resulting shortcut menu. If Word informs you that the new shortcut will be placed on the desktop, click OK. Then, click Cancel to dismiss the Open dialog box. You can now access your document directly from the Desktop just by double-clicking on its shortcut icon. (Note: You can also use this technique to create a shortcut that points to a folder or other file type instead of a Word document.)

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